Freemasonry is open to men of all walks of life, of any race or religion, who believe in a Supreme Being. It has always actively encouraged its members to be active in their own religion.

Men wishing to become Freemasons must, with few exceptions, be at least 21 years of age. They will need a proposer and seconder before an application may be submitted to a Lodge.

The proposal form requires a candidate for Freemasonry not to expect, anticipate or seek any preferment or financial benefit as a consequence of becoming a member. There should be no conflict between a candidate's family, business or professional interests and membership. A candidate must not have a criminal record and there is a process for expulsion for members who commit a criminal act. Every member has the opportunity to take office in his Lodge and eventually to become its Master for a period of one year. There are about 330,000 Freemasons in England who belong to one or more of 8000 Lodges.

If you are not a freemason but are interested in becoming one, you can find out more here.