Welcome to the Home Page of Italia Lodge 2687 within Metropolitan Grand Lodge, under the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Italia Lodge 2687 was founded by 21 Italian Masons living and working in London. It was Consecrated at the Cecil Hotel, Strand in London on the 17th March 1898. The United Grand Lodge of England gave Italia Lodge the warrant to work in Italian, the only Lodge to do so in the United Kingdom. More then 116 years later we maintain the same tradition. Our Ritual Book is still in Italian and has been updated several times, the latest edition having been revised and printed in 2008.

In 1912 Members of Italia Lodge founded Italia Chapter 2687 and, in more recent years, Italia Mark Lodge 1467 where Italian Masons can continue to develop their knowledge of Masonry. It is also a founder member of the Anglo Foreign Lodges Association (AFLA) which brings together 13 International Lodges working in London. They are:

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